What is the Best Social Media Site to Find a New Job?

social media photoSocial media sites have been useful job search tools for many. Effective use of social media gets your name, face, resume and skills in front of employers as well as recruiters who may be the vital link between you and your next job.

While Twitter and Facebook can effectively be used to find jobs, one social media site is separating itself from the others. What is the best social media site for conducting a job search? That site is LinkedIn.

About LinkedIn

There is a reason that LinkedIn has more than 300 million registered members: People are finding it very useful in making connections for the purpose of starting and growing their career.
LinkedIn notes that executives from all Fortune 500 companies are members and that 89 of the Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn’s corporate Talent Solutions for finding the top people in their industry. Some 3 million companies have developed LinkedIn pages for the purposes of recruiting.
Okay, but what is LinkedIn? It is a networking site offering free accounts as well as paid premium and corporate accounts with added benefits to job seekers, third-party recruiters, and employers.

An account on LinkedIn allows you to:
• Market yourself by developing a professional online identity
• Locate and pursue business and job opportunities
• Be seen by potential employers and recruiters/headhunters
• Identify potential partners for business ventures
• Let the world know about those ventures
• Find news, insight and motivation helpful to your career

LinkedIn launched in May, 2003, but LinkedIn registrations first exploded from 2009 to 2010 as workers struggled to find new jobs or new careers following the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009. From 120 million users in 2011, the total number of registered users has now surpassed 300 million.

Reasons to Create a Profile on LinkedIn

Several important reasons have been mentioned in the list above. In addition to them, a robust LinkedIn profile builds your credibility as a professional in the eyes of potential employers, partners and employees looking for someone they’d love to work for.

Job recruiting professionals search LinkedIn for qualified candidates to contact and represent to their corporate clients looking for top-shelf talent.

There’s no better networking tool online. When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you’re also making a secondary link to all of their connections. Your connections and the possibilities grow exponentially.
A recently added section to LinkedIn called “Volunteer Experiences and Causes” allows you to show the LinkedIn community what you’re passionate about. Others see you as a well-rounded person committed to serving and making a difference.

Giving back is a trait possessed by those who are enthusiastic about life in general, a quality that is attractive to anyone looking for talent to hire, represent or connect with.

LinkedIn accounts are free, though paid upgrades offer enhanced benefits. If you aren’t a member of LinkedIn, it makes sense to get connected today.

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