Why Should I Use a Headhunter to Find a Job?

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Seven Reasons to Use a Headhunter to Find a Job

Using a professional recruiter or recruiting agency is a proven method for locating the best job opportunities. A skilled recruiter will also help you nail down the job you’ve been looking for. Here’s why it makes sense to work with a recruiter in your job search.

1. Headhunters are matchmakers
Headhunters are skilled in matching the right employee to the perfect job. It’s how they earn their money. When a recruiter identifies a job he or she believes you’re the right fit for, you are a step ahead of other applicants because your education, experience, skills and intangibles will likely make you a success in the interview process and on the job.

2. Recruiters are trusted
This flows from the first point. When a recruiter locates several employees that work out well for a client, that employer puts stock in the candidates the headhunter brings to them. When an experienced recruiter gets behind you, your credibility is instantly enhanced.

3. Recruiters save you time
This is especially beneficial if you are employed but are looking for a new job. Find a qualified headhunter, and let them conduct the job search at your direction.

4. Headhunters maintain strict confidentiality
You don’t have to put it out on your LinkedIn account or Facebook page that you’re looking to move on to another job. Only your recruiter has to know, and he or she will represent you to those in your industry that are looking for someone with your skills and experience.

5. Recruiters know who’s hiring
Headhunters make it their business to know where the jobs are and how you can get one in which you’ll be successful. They have a broad network of contacts.
Most people looking for a job don’t realize that more than 75 percent of job openings aren’t advertised. Recruiters are hired by companies to fill many of those unadvertised positions. A well-connected recruiter will make you aware of opportunities you didn’t know existed.

6. Headhunters are advisers
Recruiting professionals are up to date on the latest job search strategies and techniques. They’ll help you interview well and represent yourself to their corporate clients. When you get the job, the headhunter succeeds. It’s a win-win situation they’re committed to making happen.

7. Recruiters close the deal for you
One of the roles of a recruiting agency is to negotiate the offer, acting as a go-between for its corporate client and the prospective new hire. This service reduces stress for you and prevents conflict while securing you the best terms possible. In many cases, a recruiter will negotiate a higher salary than you would otherwise have been offered.

And by the way, the recruiter’s fees should be paid by the company doing the hiring. Never allow a recruiter to charge you a fee!

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