Why Should I Use a Headhunter to Find an Employee?

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A company is only as strong as the people it hires. Bad hires cost companies time, resources, productivity, morale and lost opportunities.

Will using a headhunter allow you to find the best talent for the positions available?

There are several proven reasons to consider using a professional recruiter the next time you have an important hire to make.

Six Reasons to Use a Headhunter to Find the Right Employee

Hiring a professional recruiter is a proven strategy for stocking your company with extraordinary talent. Here’s why it makes sense to use a headhunter to locate employees for your company.

1. Headhunters increase efficiency

When your company has a job to fill, the search often begins from scratch. It takes an enormous amount of time and resources from the publishing of the job to the hiring of the candidate…if any of candidates are worth hiring! It’s not uncommon for companies to go through the process and come up empty-handed or be in a position of hiring inferior talent.

On the other hand, the job of a headhunter is to have a list of pre-qualified candidates ready with the specific skills and experience that would make them a fantastic candidate for your job opening. Recruiters are paid talent locators and evaluators.

When you hire an experienced headhunter, you’ll find a reliable source of employees who will help your company succeed.

3. Your human resources and hiring manager stay focused on their primary duties

There’s so much more to human resources than hiring. When your human resources personnel get bogged down in hiring, the rest of what they do suffers.

Additionally, when an outside recruiter is handling the initial, difficult phases of the employee search, your hiring manager will be more effective. He or she can focus on deciding which pre-qualified candidate is the best fit for the position.

3. The cost of the hire will be less

Lost time in finding a new employee is lost opportunity and productivity that will negatively affect your bottom line. This is especially true when an employee in a crucial position leaves suddenly and unexpectedly.

Having a trusted headhunter to turn to for a quick, effective replacement puts you back on the path to productivity and profit.

4. Headhunters weed out job hoppers

You’ve probably had employees in the past who start looking for their next position a few months after being hired. A reliable recruiter won’t steer those people your way.

5. Recruiters find the best passive job seekers

The best candidate for your next opening probably already has a good job. A skilled headhunter will have a list of strong contacts that are succeeding where they are but are passively looking for a better opportunity like the one you’re offering.

6. Headhunters maintain confidentiality and flow

When you’re looking for a replacement before you let an underperforming employee go, you can search with confidentiality by using a recruiter. The job won’t be published, and the transition from an inferior to superior employee will be nearly seamless.


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