How Has the ACA Impacted Employment in the Healthcare Market?

It is expected that the Affordable Care Act will provide more than 30 million people with health insurance who did not have it before the program was implemented.

Many of the newly covered are now taking advantage of the insurance to seek medical care including preventative testing, diagnosis, treatment and physical therapy. As expected, this influx of new patients is creating demand for health care services that cannot be met by the current workforce.

A Shortage of Health Professionals

healthcare photoIn the decade leading up to the roll-out of the ACA, the Bureau of Labor Statistics annually reported a scarcity of health professionals in most fields from starting positions through top healthcare CEOs, COOs and CFOs.

With millions more patients to provide care to, the shortfall of healthcare professionals will intensify in the short-term and not be overcome for at least a decade. It is expected to take that long to train the tens of thousands of new doctors, nurses, therapists and technicians as well as personnel not involved directly in patient care.

New Opportunities in the Health Professions

The need for new healthcare providers is obvious. What is often overlooked is that the sudden rise in new patients also creates demand for professionals in positions behind the scenes. A large number of positions are open in:

  • Hospital administration
  • Nursing administration
  • Staff relations
  • Financial management
  • Government relations/Compliance
  • Information systems & Information Technology
  • Material management/Purchasing
  • Human resources
  • Planning and development
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Facilities
  • Education and Training

These job opportunities for health professionals are found in clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, laboratories, training centers and other settings both directly and indirectly related to healthcare.

The ACA Creates New Opportunities in the Insurance Industry

Adding 30 million newly insured Americans to the roles has also created demand for trained and experienced professionals in the insurance industry.

Excellent opportunities exist within the industry in these positions:

  • Claims
  • Customer service
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Loss control
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Underwriting

How to Find Opportunities in Health and Related Fields

The high demand is motivating many professionals in health and related industries to look for greener pastures, and many of them are finding positions that are more rewarding and offer better pay and benefits.

This is a good time to revise and update your resume and get it out to potential employers. Using job boards to find openings may be one avenue to locate open positions.

Consider the Services of a Professional Recruiter

Keep in mind that 75 percent of job openings are never published on job boards. For this reason, many professionals are also using the services of a recruiter. Well-connected head hunters are the main source of new talent for many healthcare organizations that don’t have time to advertise the position, collect and sift through resumes and conduct a long interview process.

These employers are streamlining hiring by tapping into the recruiter’s wealth of pre-qualified, motivated professionals who are serious about making a move rather than just testing the waters.

Complete implementation of the Affordable Care Act is creating career opportunities for motivated professionals. An experienced recruiter will help you take the next important steps in building your career

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