How Has the ACA Impacted Employment in the Non-Healthcare Market?

The Affordable Care Act is creating a shortage of professionals in non-healthcare fields just as it is in the healthcare industry.

Recently, analysts from the Congressional Budget Office determined that more than a million job openings outside of the health industry will be created by the implementation of the ACA. The majority of those openings result from people leaving the marketplace because they will no longer rely on their jobs for health insurance.

It is expected that the ACA will create job openings by leading milinterviewinglions of professionals to:

  • Retire
  • Take a career break to raise children or go back to school
  • Cut back on the number of hours they work
  • Stop looking for work if currently unemployed or under-employed

The result for professionals is the opportunity to take advantage of the increased number of openings that require their skills.

Where are the Job Openings?

The job opportunities for professionals created by those who are retiring, pausing their careers or cutting back are found in every field. The common theme is that they are being created by people leaving their jobs because they no longer need employee-provided health insurance.

Combined with a recovering economy, the job outlook is bright in many sectors. US Bureau of Labor statistics show higher-than-average demand for professionals in Energy, High-Tech, Environmental Services, Biotechnology, Software Engineering, Web Development, Biotechnology and Manufacturing.

A high demand for professionals exists in:

  • Administration
  • Project management
  • Research and Development
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Training and Education
  • Quality control
  • Compliance
  • Planning
  • Materials management & Supply chain
  • IT & IS
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Labor relations
  • Media relations
  • Engineering

The growth in job opportunities for professionals is expected to continue in the years ahead. Those who are actively preparing to take advantage of the demand will fill positions that offer the most professional and financial reward.

Being Prepared to Fill Your Ideal Position

Today’s professionals are using all the tools available to position themselves for success in the marketplace.

You can get started by doing something as easy as opening a LinkedIn account, completing a profile and making efforts to connect with people in your industry. LinkedIn offers digital networking on a scale never seen before.

Additional networking through professional organizations, educational seminars and local community events will also help you get your name, face and skills known within your industry.

Signing up with a professional recruiter makes good sense in today’s marketplace. A recruiter will know who is hiring in your industry and will be aware of jobs that are not advertised.

Potential employers rely on headhunters to supply them with candidates who meet the position’s qualifications, thus shortening the hiring process. Companies know that professionals working with a recruiter are serious in their job search and ambitious to succeed.

Recruiters protect your privacy, so your current employer won’t know you’re actively looking for a change. The recruiter’s fee is paid for by the company hiring, and the headhunter will serve as your representative in negotiating the details of the hiring to your best advantage.

The Affordable Care Act is creating opportunities in the market for you. This is the time to prepare yourself to grasp a position that fits your skills, experience and passion.

Photo by Alan Cleaver

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