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How Has the ACA Impacted Employment in the Healthcare Market?

It is expected that the Affordable Care Act will provide more than 30 million people with health insurance who did not have it before the program was implemented. Many of the newly covered are now taking advantage of the insurance to seek medical care including preventative testing, diagnosis, treatment and physical therapy. As expected, this […]

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Why Should I Use a Headhunter to Find an Employee?

A company is only as strong as the people it hires. Bad hires cost companies time, resources, productivity, morale and lost opportunities. Will using a headhunter allow you to find the best talent for the positions available? There are several proven reasons to consider using a professional recruiter the next time you have an important […]

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Job Search Needle in a Haystack

Why Should I Use a Headhunter to Find a Job?

Seven Reasons to Use a Headhunter to Find a Job Using a professional recruiter or recruiting agency is a proven method for locating the best job opportunities. A skilled recruiter will also help you nail down the job you’ve been looking for. Here’s why it makes sense to work with a recruiter in your job […]

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